Just like to take this time to say thank you to USAA being there in our time in need. Where do I started? I switch my auto,,rental ,and banking as well too USAA. The first nice thing USAA did was I got a flat tire and I called roadside assistance, they first ask if we all was safe. Then found us by useding the gps on my cell. help was there in no time The next was banking, some company got a whole of my bank card number only god knows how! But usaa bank fraud division got my money back. Thank you guys!!!!. Then came sandy!! Yes I live in NY but I was lucky to only had my laptop die on me but once again USAA was there to help out.The young lady that help me was a very kind and caring to my lost. I had a




Our members are our top priority, especially during their time of need. We're here for you and will always do our best to make your life a little bit easier. Thanks for being a part of the USAA family.