The Uninsured Motorist

I've been a USAA member for over 25 years. About 20 years ago I parked my car on the street overnight and it snowed that evening. When I went to my car the next morning, I discovered that someone had lost control coming down the hill and smashed into several cars...including mine. By some miracle, the unfortunate driver left a note on each windshield with her name and phone #. She explained that she was a student and did not have any insurance. I contacted USAA and, because of my "Uninsured Motorist" coverage, they agreed to repair my car with my only out of pocket being my deductible. In the meantime, they would set up a payment plan with the young lady to recoup the damages. Well, it was several years later that I received a check in the mail and having almost forgotten about the incident, I called to find out why I was sent the check. It turns out that the young lady had lived up to her payment plan and the check was repayment of my deductible!! Wow!! Since then, I've had several experiences with USAA and have always found them to be professional and willing to help. I've never had an issue with getting repairs done correctly or with them not being willing to pay for an item. I strongly recommend USAA to anyone who is elegible and feel comfortable that whenever something happens, USAA will have my back!!
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