Last year I was working in Grand Junction, Colorado and driving a small Ford vehicle.  The city was upgrading the sewer system and left a huge, unmarked hole in the middle of the road which I hit at about 30 miles an hour.  It broke the tire, the rim, damaged the wheel and sensors.  USAA sent me a LOCKSMITH to make repairs.  I could have been killed driving on the damaged wheel but that's not the end of this story...


I needed to roll over my TSP account and remiburse my retirement fund $12,000 within 30 days or it would cost me $1,700 a month.  I called USAA and set up a roll over of my TSP and specifically discussed with them the absolute necessity to have $12,000 of the money in my hands within 30 days so that I could comply with the retirement fund requirement.  They failed to check to see if their FAX had reached TSP, not once but twice.  I kept calling and I kept getting 1-800 talk to the hand.  Bottom line is that they failed to provide the service that was promised in a timely manner and I LOST $1,700 a month in retirement income.  


Moral of the story - take your money and run.