USAA has been there for me in more ways than I can count actually so God Bless USAA. In my life time, I have been blessed with having it all and now having very little. So I would like to share my story with readers but not just the happy stories that involve USAA but one of loss too. As we all know life does not always give us sweet lemonade sometimes we get sour lemons and it is up to us to make lemonade again. Recently, like others people in the US I lost almost everything literally. Pretty much my entire life savings of thirty years was lost in the recent real estate disaster and my family wont talk to me. In 2005, I purchased five acres after selling a condo. I bought the land to build a house after one year I realized that real estate fall was comming sooner than later and would bigger than anyone anticpated. I began trying to sell my property rather than build. I tried to sell my land for four years but I lost it all. Now I am starting over at fifty with mindable credit, health, USAA and God. However, through this and over the years USSA's been my hero. I have purchased land, two homes and insured them through USAA. I purchased three vechicles with ease through USAA and paid them off. Ive had investments and now I have some debt. Since the real estate fall and recession I have struggled with a job loss as well. Somedays, my life feels like I am drowning and if it wasnt for nice USAA employees who have been so kind to me my life it would be even harder. I just they realize what their kindness mean to some of us. The employess at USAA are still making a difference in my life. Over the last two years they have helped me adjust my insurance payments, lower my credit card payments when I was laid off from work. They have help me with late payments and delayed payments. Finance problems are stressful and embrassing but they make it palitable. I cried once when a checking account manager took care of a serious problem I had with a business who took 500 dollars from my checking with out a true authorization and she gave it back to me. I think I will cry again. :( I would not have been able to pay rent. The manager Stephanie was the most professional caring finance representative I ever communicated with at a bank in thirty five years. There have been several times when I had to choose between eating and paying my bills. Another manager returned two late charges and I was able to buy groceries that week. Thank you USAA I know God is watching over me and USAA and I have a plan to get debt free.