I was in a severe accident on Oct. 10th. I had a Mazda MPV and was broadsided by another driver. Needless to say, at over 50 mph, the woman had ran the red light and totalled my vehicle. I was in shock and, fortunately, only slightly injured( a few seconds later, and she would have been in the driver compartment). Without a car, my life had changed and I was seriously depressed. Fortunately, I had USAA in my corner and they assisted me with my vehicle claim in an expeditious manner. With the recovery, I now had to search for a new vehicle. I had tried the traditional route of visiting the dealerships and trying to negotiate the prices. I, then, decided to consult with USAA for advice. The customer representatives were extremely polite and kind and helpful; they had suggested the AutoCircle to me and today, I did some research and ended up at a dealership with an extremely amicable atmosphere. They offered the lowest price for a Toyota RAV4 and I ended up with the vehicle. My father was right in recommending that I become an USAA member. I just want to thank all of you at USAA for being there during my darkest journey and lighting the path for me during this Christmas holiday season.