General David J. Kaucheck proudly served the Army and defended the USA for over 37 years. He has also proudly defended his family, two children and five grandchildren, by giving them the gift of USAA. USAA proudly serves their members with excellent customer care, wonderful benefits and coverage, and their loyalty to their members is like no other. When I stop and think about what my father had to endure during his tours in Vietnam as a young soldier, and several deployments that followed over the years and his loyalty to protect our freedom, I am honored that he and our family members are now protected by USAA. Thanks to USAA and their services, our family was able to adopt two beautiful children. We would not have been able to do so without the financial programs USAA has to offer. Therefore, I must thank my father for proudly serving his country for 37 years and USAA for their financial support so I could have the honor of being able to be a mother. Freedom is not free, but it makes it a little easier for those who serve to know their family is protected by USAA.