I am a 30 year plus member of USAA. My father was a career USAF Officer and introduced me to USAA at a very young age. I am now 54 years old, and have an extensive relationship with USAA via many products offered by the company. As my father did I have passed on my relationship to my 2 children, 23 yrs. old, and 19 years old. They have banking, life, credit, and auto insurance with USAA. The oldest just graduated from MSU w/ a double major in Education, and youngest will graduate at the age of 20 w/ a BA is Health and hopes to work for the CDC in her field. The son obtained a College Promotional Credit Card at the age of 18. This program recognizes college students make less money than full time employed person, and has increased his credit limit as part of the program guidelines to where it has gone from a $300 limit to $1500. Apparently my daughter is being discriminated against and has been denied the regular increases he received as she has advanced from a freshman, sophmore, junior, and now a Senior in College. She is doing an out of state internship 2,300 miles from home with a $300 restriction of her credit card. Two  times she has requested a limit increase as part of the College Program, and both times she has been turned down for insufficient income which is common knowledge when you are a College Student. What is the purpose of a College Promotional Card if it is not to build trust for good conduct from the Creditor/Student?


USAA wake up!!!! College Students are typically good credit risk, especially the ones that have already demonstrated the ability to pay on time and respect use of Credit. A Student that has Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Credit Card, and Banking Relationship is the FUTURE OF USAA. Is it really a leap of faith to increase a $300 credit limit on a students credit card for someone like this who is in their final year of college with significant earnings potential in the future and ability to be a solid customer to help USAA grow their business.


USAA used to empower their partners/associates to make good business decisions to grow USAA into the Power House Financial Company they have become. Somewhere along the way they have forgotten how the membership is the reason they are whom they are today. Standard answer now days is "Underwriting Guidelines". This is Black & White speak for we do not deviate from written guidelines and computerized decisions.


So sorry USAA you are not the company that my father became apart of that excelled at good business decisions based on the human factor instead of computers deciding the fate of the business.


Regards, An Unhappy Dissatisfied Member of USAA


Much as you have said this has also been my experience of late with USAA. Both of my kids had Roth IRA's with USAA so as to build a relationship with USAA both banking, credit, life, auto, and retirement. When my daughter asked for an increase last year on her college credit card from $300 and was turned down I said ok kids if they do not value your business we will take the retirement investments elsewhere. They both removed their IRA's to another broker. NOW a 2nd denial to increase her credit limit from the same $300 a year later is going to result in more business lost by USAA. They both get credit offers all the time and have turned them down. My daughters credit score is 702, not bad for a college kid. Again turned down May 4, 2015 not because she has ever been late on any payments due, but because she is young, or USAA speak, "length of time accounts have been established", DUH, she is in college so she turns 20 in July and will graduate in 1 year. Is it that much of a leap of faith for USAA to say you know what you have had a credit card with us for 2 years, and never been late, we will reward you with an increase from $300 to $1,000. Come on WAKE UP!  Next business both will be removing from USAA is Life Insurance. The Future of USAA is looking gloomy in my opinion and I have opened new accounts elsewhere which will most likely result in lost business with me! I am fed up with inferior service that appears to be the norm anymore.

Dear BB2,

I am so very sorry about the trouble your daughter is having increasing her credit limit. I cannot imagine the frustration this situation must have caused. I would like to get you in contact with a banking specialist right away and kindly request you email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the details you provided above. As soon as we hear from you we will get you connected to the right person who can address these issues. Thank you for your long time membership as well as your families. We look forward to hearing from you further.

Hello Brianna,


I followed your directions with my response to socialmedia@usaa.com immediately. Today is May 18, 2015 I have received no response from USAA. As I cannot post my member # in a public forum I sent duplicates of the post with my USAA to the socialmedia@usaa.com for privacy. I checked the box to email me when someone replies, but have received no response from USAA.

Hey BB2,


Did you notice that Briana erased my response to your post?  She has done this across the forum (i left multiple yet different responses).  

I hope that USAA does something different for you then for me.  All i got was a few phone calls from some random people who work for USAA wanting to apologize.  


I guess USAA thinks an apology is a magical solution. 


Good luck!

BB2, I apologize for the delay , I am inquiring about your email right now. I will post an update when I have one. Thank you.

Yes I did notice. We will see.


Thank You for your comments.

On May 18, 2015 I was contacted by Ms. Lisa XXXXXXX with USAA in regards to my issues. I explained my position, and found her to be responsive to my concerns. On May 19, 2015 she called me back to explain that my issues had been resolved to my satisfaction. I found that USAA stepped up to be the company I, and my family have placed our trust in for a financial relationship that benefits both the customer, and USAA. Thank You USAA for being responsive to a legitimate issue, and handling it without making excuses. Regards a satisfied USAA Member.

Dear BB2,

I truly appreciate you keeping up posted. I am very glad we were able to resolve the issues you were experiencing. Thank you for giving us a second chance and working with us! I would also like to thank you for your patience!

Regards, a company who is proud to serve you. :)