The Captain and Mrs. G

I first met my husband in DC a number of years ago, purely by accident. I had written a tribute for a police officer who had beed killed and was there to honor him at the Memorial Wall and why there, went to visit 16 names on the Vietnam wall that I knew in my youth. It was love at first sight with my husband and me. I have spent the better part of my life writting Tributes for our fallen. My husband ( my captain ) was very taken by that, much as I was for the love he had for our nation. Funny how we can go through life and have all that we need, yet don't feel that we have come full circle. Well with my husband, the circle was completed and not even death could erase that. My husband joined the military at the age of 17 and there he stayed until he retired in 2001 a grand total of 43 years. YES 43 years. Some in the Reserves, some in the Guards and a great deal over seas. He began with the Navy then the Air Force and finally the Army where he retired as a Captain. USAA became a way of life for me after we were married. I have never seen or dealt with a company so committed to it's memebers and our Nation. USAA is tops in my book, it was aces to my late husband and he'd be happy to know that USAA is still so strong and dedicated. During the 2004 hurricanes, USAA was right there with us, after we suffered extensive damage. When the love of my life passed away nearly five years ago. USAA was there for me to help aid me with financial affairs in a very difficult time of my life. Thank you USAA! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
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