I've used USAA for more than thirty years for home and auto insurance. I bought the replacement policy for my home and am I glad I did! In September of 2010, I had an attic fire. It looked small and I started attacking it with a garden hose while my wife called the fire department. The house was a total loss! What the fire didn't get the water from the firemen did. The ceiling gave in and everything was covered with ten inches of wet, sloppy (like thick soup) insulation and burnt wood. My home phone and cell phones were lost in the rubble. Used the Red Cross lady's phone to call USAA. The next day USAA had clean up crews at my house. Two representatives from USAA showed up that evening (they flew in from FL and TX). They have been with me with immediate money, support, and even a hug that I desperately needed. USAA isn't just a company, they're family when you need them. Trust me! I know!