Thanks to USAA Support, Members Start Successful Executive Coaching Firm

My business partner, K.Alan Steele, and I are former U.S. Army Intelligence Officers and long-time USAA members. Through USAA, my family has a checking account with debit card, savings account (including ones for each of the kids), credit card, IRA, home owner’s insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, valuable personal property insurance and auto loans. I also use many of their affiliate services – like FTD and Hertz. Alan (and his wife, who is also a USAA member) has his family’s checking and savings accounts, auto loans, home owner’s and auto insurance with USAA. As you can see, USAA is an integral part in the lives of both of our families. USAA’s rock-solid financial stability around our personal finances was one of the things that made us feel more comfortable about taking on the risk of starting our executive coaching business, Baker & Daboll, six years ago. We were a financially strong family due to our USAA benefits and the peace of mind they brought us, so we were not as worried about dealing with the uncertainty that comes with starting a new business. Having a significant amount of discounted rates on USAA products, and having a credit card that pays back points each year, all helped put money back in our pockets that we could, in turn, invest in Baker & Daboll. USAA’s superior technology allows us to bank remotely with peace of mind. Alan’s family has moved several times. Because they use USAA as their primary bank, and USAA is so easy to deal with no matter where you live or how many times you move, one more bit of chaos is eliminated. In addition, USAA’s diverse tools for savings and investing have really helped with his family’s financial planning. Their USAA savings account was one of the first savings mechanisms their family put in place. USAA helped my family when our house was struck by lightning (frying all the electronics, including our business PC and business data), when our basement flooded, when I was in a car accident, and when my car broke down on the road. In all of these instances, USAA went out of their way to take care of us; and their guidance, advice and stewardship helped to reduce the anxiety that comes with such disasters, helping us recover and get back to the job of nurturing our business and clients. USAA’s support has absolutely influenced the way we grow Baker & Daboll and has cemented our commitment and passion in providing services that help former and transitioning military excel in the corporate world. USAA’s outstanding customer service is something we try to model our executive coaching firm on – they are professional and diligent, it is always a positive experience dealing with them, and they are wonderful in the way they approach their customers. We try to care for Baker & Daboll’s clients as well as USAA cares for their military families. THANK YOU, USAA! - Todd Uterstaedt, CEO, Baker & Daboll, Cincinnati, OH; USAA member since 1992