In the last four years, I have been layed off twice.  My husband and I were just getting back on our feet financially when the second lay off occurred and honestly, it was not expected.  We called all our creditors and explained our situation.  Some helped, others didn't.  In order to cut down on costs and because we feared our only vehicle was about die, we moved closer to my husband's employer.  One day we got a call from ADT.  It seems that the previous owner had used their service and they wanted to know if we were interested.  As my husband works nights, he felt it would be a good idea, especially since there would be no installation costs, just the monthly fee.  When the salesman arrived, he off handedly asked if I were a member of USAA.  I explained that I had used their car insurance years ago, but not anymore.  He advised me to look into it as we would receive a discount for being a member.  While he was there, I called and quickly found out that I was still eligible and that USAA could save me half of what I was currently paying Allstate (they increased my fee for moving, even though it was to a suburb).  I immediately changed as the savings would pay for the ADT service with change to spare.  Once I was sure that my insurance was actually going to save me what was quoted I began to look around the website.  I saw that checking accounts incurred no fee and that was good news as Bank of America had just began charging us $12 a month per account (we had three).  I opened a joint account just to try out the service.  I also saw that USAA offered secured credit cards with American Express and Mastercard. (I don't know of ANY other company that offers a secured AMEX card!) Since we had run into financial troubles, we didn't have valid credit cards in case of emergency.  I opened one of each with modest limits (I can rent a car or by a plane ticket if there's an emergency.)  What prompted me to write this however, it the last good thing that has happened to us because of USAA.  I mentioned that our car was on it's last legs.  Well every dealer we spoke to prior to getting USAA said we needed at least 25% down.  I convinced my husband to go look at a GMC terrain as I'd seen it on HGTV.  The salesman claimed we could get financed, but we were reluctant.  However, after talking to him for a few minutes he ascertained that we were both prior service Marines and that we had just had some bad luck.  He was also prior service and wanted to help.  He convinced us to give it one more try.  While he was on the phone with the finance company he said "You guys have credit cards with USAA? Why didn't you tell me?!"  Apparently it was a good thing.  He was able to give us an extra $1250 discount and an interest rate that we had never seen, not even when we had decent credit.  We only had to pay $750 down.  In the seven months since we've reconnected with USAA our credit scores have improved 35 and 49 points, respectively.  We still have a ways to go, but I don't think we would have made such marked improvement or begun to get back on track financially as quickly as we have if it were not for that off handed question from my ADT guy.  Thanks USAA!


First off, thank you so much for your service. Words cannot express our gratitude for the sacrifices you've made. We're honored to serve you and are thrilled you've trusted us with your business. 

Being there for our members through every stage of life (even the rocky parts) is what we're all about, so it's wonderful to hear you're taking full advantage of your membership. I'm so glad that things are looking up for your family and am sending positive thoughts your way!