My father was USMC sergeant in 1945. Thus I was lucky to have the opportunity to join USAA when I was 16. At 18, I had three tickets within 3 months and received a cancellation notice. So I went out and got other quotes and was shocked at the increase. I called USAA and was switched to an underwriter willing to listen. He did and whereas 2 of the 3 tickets were excusable to him based on my stories (tree growth blocking view of red light, and aggressive cops looking for technicalities) the third ticket was not. But the gentleman was able to use his human judgment vs just looking at the computer stats which had rejected me. He forewarned me not to get in this position again and took the risk of underwriting me.

34 years later and maybe only 3 more tickets in that time frame, I'm happy to have my 17 year old daughter enlisted.

Also I have enjoyed banking, loans, and car buying services. Throughout the years I have been treated with respect, humor, and courtesy by all USAA service people whom I've come in contact with.

Thank you


I used to feel the same, but find that USAA is no longer the loyal, responsible institution it was 40 years ago.   It's decreased its hours, raised its rates, charges hidden rates, has no respect for members welfare, and more excuses for errors than I can count.  They don't ask me for my phone password, fail to monitor my accounts for fraud, and have no continuity in services provided.  They used to do business on trust and respect but now require reams of documentation for a simple insurance claim and treat members as untrustworthy rather than as valued members of the armed forces.  I've had maybe 5 insurance claims in my life, and all were paid on my word.  Now I have to file police reports, provide proof of purchase for 5 year old computers, and amazingly, was charged a $100.00 deductable for a laptop theft BECAUSE I had purchased a separate computer policy.  If it had been claimed under my renters policy, reimbursement would have been the same but the deductable only $50.00 !!

No explanation;  just the assumption that a member who valued their laptop enough to cover a separate policy must be able to afford a higher deductable.   So, watch out.   i hope you don't have the increasingly bad experience so many of us who have also been life long members have been reporting.   There is no longer anything special about USAA except its growing reputation as being predatorial, disrespectful and full of increasing hidden expenses


I have responded to your other post here. But, I wanted to say again that we apologize for the issues you are experiencing and will do our best to make everything right. Your membership is truly important to us. Thank you for taking the time to post.