i have been with usaa for a little bit over a year and I want to say I have had no problems at all. I was in a car accident before I got usaa I was under a family members insurance who was not usaa I was found at fault and when I called around every orther insurance compy wanted $500 to $1500 down payment to put insurance in my name usaa told me My down payment was going 2 be $176 dollars then I opened a checking account & saving account and because of this I had no down payment. Also I only have had usaa for insurance for about 9 months and in that time my insurance has gone from about $170 a month to $90 a month. Also I have Direct deposit because of having direct deposit I got payed a day sooner got to love that me & my wife plan in staying members with usaa for life.


Good to read your comment -Americans should be proud of USAA being treated honest. We are proud Americans and should be assisted in a professional and prompt manner...accidents on unfortunately do occur and we all pay premiums. ...yes!