It was my first night in New York City ever. My friends and I had gone to a dance club, and placed our purses in a pile with a friend (I think back now on how naive I was then). When I left the studio, I realized that not only was my credit card missing-my whole wallet was. It was 3AM, and I was in an area of NYC that I didn't recognize with friends that I had met that night. Being newly 21, I had no idea what to do and started to panic when, suddenly, my phone rang! It was USAA, saying that someone had just taken (not sure how) $400 out of my debit account, causing them to be concerned about me and call to confirm that it was me that had taken that money out. By this point it was 3:30 in the morning--that's 24/7 protection. Not only did they quickly cancel the card and reimburse me for the money, but they sent me my new card within a few days, and checked to make sure I was going to be ok without my wallet for the next days, or if I would prefer to have money wired to me. My other bank at the time (not mentioning names), I had to find a branch, visit it to complain, then they had me call in the report of fraudulent charges, and 6 months later they STILL didn't fix the problem, so I never used that account again. The ONLY way it was fixed was when they called to berate me (very harshly) for being overdrafted, which I kindly reminded them that I had reported it being abused the same day it overdrafted, and then asked them to cancel my account with them. I love you USAA!!!