I read so many comments on this blog about how awful USAA is.  Granted I've only been a member since 2010, but I've never had a single negative interaction with any CSR. Any time I've had an issue somebody has alwasy been able to assist me.  But if not for USAA taking a chance on me, I would not be where I am today fincially.  Over 2 years I wanted to begin rebuilding my credit in hopes of purchasing a home with my VA benefits.  I started out by obtaining a USAA secured credit card.  I was able to deposit into the CD account that secured the card which in turn increased my credit limit.  USAA reported the increases each and every time and in turn increased my credit score.  Due to this I was able to purchase a car albeit at a high interest rate.  After 6 months of on time payments I was able to trade in that car and purchase a new car with a 2.9% interest rate (down from 18%).  After a year of paying my secured credit card on time I was able to obtain an unsecured AmEx with USAA with a $5k limit.  Shortly after that I was able to purchase my first home with a VA mortage at 3.25% fixed rate!  I recently obtained another USAA credit card with a $13k limit and a really nice interest rate.  


I realize I had a lot do with my credit success.  I did afterall have to use my credit responsibly and make on time payments.  But if not for USAA taking a chance on me and for trusting me I wouldn't be where I am in 2 short years.  I have credit scores with a 7 in front of them and am now able to buy just about anything I want or need (within reason).  THANK YOU USAA for being there for me and for taking a chance on me when others would not!  I look forward to a lifetime relationship!




We thank you for your membership! What a lovely comment this is. So nice to read, and I am very pleased to read about your experiences. We too look forward to a lifetime membership with you! :-)

I love usaa too. Anytime a ins sells person bugs me I tell um I have usaa and the pitch ends because they can never beat it. Member since 1980s 😀

Whoohoo, DanielSC! Thank you for sharing and for your loyal membership!