Thank You,


       Words cannot describe the appreciation that I have for the USAA team, but I'm going to try in hopes this ends up on the office wall to let you know that I appreciate all that you do for us. I'm sending this out to the International Auto Insurance Policy Team, who over the past 2 weeks has been the highlight of my year. I'm really bad at names but to Sam, Katie, and their was a third person( I apologize for not remembering your name) have been like family. I have worked call centers and know it can be a thankless job sometimes and us, the customers, can be a real pain in the assets. But thank you for being that cheerful human on the other end of the line. Not once did I feel like I was just another number in the cue. Thank you for always going above and beyond the script and actually listening to what I need and knowing just what to do. Your knowledge and expertise make calling USAA a pleasure and never a chore. I wish I had more issues to resolve while I was on the phone just so I could stay on the line. With all my heart and love, thank you all for the support and care you give us.


SGT Taylor



The highlight of your year? Wow! That's such a compliment. It's truly heart warming to hear that our team has had such a big impact on your life. We're here to serve you, so to know that conducting business with us is a pleasurable experience is awesome!

I started my career at USAA in member services, so I can whole-heartedly say that we do care about each and every member we encounter. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience.