I have been a proud member of USAA for 34 years. I have received outstanding service and customer satisfaction as a USAA member. USAA has always gone above and beyond working with me over all these years. As an example, in claims cases, USAA always worked with me and gave me the benefit of the doubt; tree storm damage claims is a good example. (If you've had tree storm damage, you'll know what I mean.)


USAA is very easy to contact either on the phone or electronically. They always answer the phone promptly, no waiting on hold endlessly, only to be disconnected. USAA is quick to respond and resolve insurance matters and claims, in a friendly, professional and timely manner. I have my home and vehicles insured through USAA. Several times I shopped to compare insurance prices with other insurance companies. I'm always asked who my current insurance company is. When I tell them USAA they quickly respond, "We can't beat USAA insurance prices."


And what about that great shareholder distribution check just before Christmas!

Great company with a great team of professionals! Thank you USAA.