Thank You USAA for being there when I was down and saving my family's Xmas.

Last year around this time, I was down not knowing how to tell my kids that there will not be a Xmas present under the tree. Since birth each of them have always had 3-4 presents for xmas but last year, things changed and Santa wasn't coming but at the last hour USAA increase my credit limit without asking and saved my family's Xmas. Thank you USAA. I can't thank you enough.


We're so glad we were able to help make the holidays a little bit brighter for your family! Santa left a few extra goodies (USAA t-shirts and mugs) in our neck of the woods...are you interested?   

USAA is the absolute best!  I could stand Christmas without many things, but having to explain to my kids that there will not be any presents, or even a tree would be heartbreaking.  Seeing their faces light up the excitement they have for the holidays is what makes them worthwhile for me.  Glad USAA came through for you and helped save your holidays!



...and Analisa, I would absolutely love a USAA tshirt and mug if Santa is sharing...

Awesome! Please email your contact info to and I will drop one in the mail for you.