I was in an accident, and I am completely alone. My entire family lives in California, and I am alone in New Jersey. I was injured and scared. The USSA representative that I spoke to stayed on the phone with me while I was going to the ER, and made me feel so much better. She assured that everything would be ok, and not to worry about anything other than myself. In a matter of hours, I had a quote for repair, and was given 50% off my premium because I had a safe driving record and my accident wasn't my fault. For $150, my car was repaired, I was given a rental car until it was fixed (which was only 5 days) and my rate did not increase! I am so thankful for this insurance company. They are amazing!




Thank goodness you are okay, what a scary experience. I am also so happy to hear that you were not only provided excellent service, but that you were also given empathy, what a difference that makes in these types of situations. Take care of yourself and thank you so much for sharing with us. Hope to see you around Community!