I recently purchased a new vehicle and called to have my new vehicle added to my insurance. I was not swapping a vehicle so I was a little worried about the increase but my anxiety didn’t last long after speaking with Jason (#75299). Jason was very knowledgeable on the insurance products and savings and extremely patient with my detail oriented, process drive, have to get it right the first time, mentality. We made the necessary changes to my policy and verified that everything I wanted was in place, and I mentioned my fiancées vehicle and policy. Jason informed me of the savings opportunity and without hesitation launched a comparison to reveal the possible savings associated with our accounts. By the end of a very long call which caused Jason to cancel several options I agreed, and quickly changed in attempts to reach the “Right” decision, we were able to come up with a plan that not only saved me money with my additional vehicle, I was able to add my new vehicle, and insure my fiancées engagement ring, for less than I was paying before even adding the new vehicle. We currently have, USAA credit cards, automobile insurance, home owners insurance, and checking and savings accounts. I can tell you right now who is going to be first in line when USAA offers medical and dental coverage. Thank you Jason for your patience and knowledge and thank you USAA.