Last weekend, my vehicle broke down on base.  I called USAA and, after talking to a computer for several miniutes, I finally got through to a live representative.  I set up the tow truck appointment for 0730-0800 the following Monday.  On Sunday, I received an automated call (not from an actual person) stating that the tow truck would arrive at 0815.  The message also gave me the name and phone number of the towing compnay.  Monday morning, I waited at Pass and ID from 0800 to 0830.  No tow truck.  I called the tow company and they stated that they could not dispatch a tow truck because they "had not received the fax from USAA."  I called USAA and, after talking to a computer for another 10 minutes, I was able to explain the problem to the representative.  USAA then scheduled another tow truck to arrive at 0950.  At 1000, the second tow truck had not arrived.  I called that tow compnay and they said that they were running behind.  The tow truck finally arrived at 1030.


The moral of this story is if you enjoy lengthy conversations with computers and terrible road side service, stay with USAA.  What if I had been broken down on the side of the interstate with my wife and kids in the car?      


The times they give you are only estimates, also they ask you if you are in a safe place, where you are and if you have family with you prior to dispatching a work order you just have to bypass the computers just keep pressing 0 until they transfer you

We're glad to hear you are safe and that assistance finally arrived. We'll share your feedback, but if you'd like provide additional details about the specific tow truck operators and/or representative, please send a message here and we'll contact you to discuss.