I have been a member now for almost 4 yrs now and it has been absolutely pulling teeth dealing with USAA. Between being turned down for every single thing I have ever applied for with USAA but going elsewhere and getting approved with in seconds or USAA taking my money and putting randoms amounts on hold for some times weeks at a time, the time i have spent with this company has been some of the most aggravating times of my life LITERALLY. For a company that talks about serving our service members USAA has done nothing but waste my time and cost me money. For example just this week I call USAA and apply for a loan and Im turned down almost immediately which makes the 5th time USAA has turned me down and I've taken my business elsewhere and was approved. Then I take my loan, deposit it into my civilian bank and transfer it into my USAA account to have USAA once again step up and take over half of the money and place a hold on it for a week. Which has now caused me not to be able to pay off bills like originally planned and this isnt the only time USAA has done this to me. I transfer between 700 to 900 dollars every 2 weeks into my account which is my pay check depening on how much i keep out in cash and every 2 weeks USAA takes a random about usually between 100 to 400 dollars and places it on hold. This happens every 2 weeks and always puts me behind. i call and complain but i get told it s Federal Reg they must adhere to but its always random and never the same amount or lenght of time. USAA almost even cost me my brand new truck when they put my down payment on hold last year. USAA IS A TERRIBLE BANK!!!!! I will be closing all my accounts the first of next week when i can get my bill auto debted to my new local bank. WORST EXPIRENCE EVER WITH A COMPANY. TO MY FELLOW VETS TAKE YOU BUSINESS ELSE WHERE!!!!!!!!!!


You took the words out of my  mouth.  I've been a member since about 1974 when USAA was known for it's service to members, and stood out as the most respected, ethical and loyal company in the country.  I'd love to list all the years and tines they were available 24/7,  called me when they saw potential problems,  paid claims on the spot, and treated members with kindess, honesty and respect.  I always said I walked 2 feet taller when I got off the phone with a USAA representative.  Their treatment of members made us feel valued and respected and I for one, paid it forward, treating all others the same day better just because of the treatment and context USAA set.   Now, interestingly since I've seen mass TV media campaigns for members,  I've noticed their representatives are at best "common", certainly NOT the cream of the crop, and absolutely not concerned about the well being of the members.   The website is hopelessly flawed all in ways designed to benefit USAA.  Their bill payer program is predatory, giving misleading, incorrect and I believe premedited misinformation, all designed to cause members to pay penalties, fees,  and take other actions that harm the member and financially benefit USAA.  "in the old days",  we were addressed by our rank, and all was done to protect us.  Agents were available 24/7 because members were all around the world, and all was done to protect America's GI's AND the company they benefitted from.  Now it's nothing but mistake after mistake, with agents unconcerned about the companies image.  I've enrolled at least 100 new members over the years and now do all I can to encourage them to leave USAA, or treat them with caution and concern, and at the very least, use their insurance side only, but stay away from banking.  I'm glad to see others having the same experience.  USAA used to be above the best; known as one of the, no, the BEST RUN insurance company in the world, and now it's become predatory and abusive.  I just wonder if they care?

If you are not creditworthy it is not USAA's fault.  There has to be a reason for being declined.  Why leave out the relevant details?


Also, no bank just randomly holds check deposits.  Try reading Regulation Z and you'll see precisely under what circumstances and for how long they can hold check deposits.  Again, you are conveniently leaving out important details.  


Mr. Victim One, you missed the blurb where agents are available 24/7 for deployed members.  As for the BillPay service, I have found it works as designed and have never had problems.  Please provide specifics about how it is predatory or are your claims total exaggeration?