My family has always carried USAA car insurance for over 20 years. Growing up I thought they were a fantastic INSURANCE company, but turning 18 allowed me to really explore their website. My eyes were opened to all kinds of financial benefits. I think I can list 1 or 2 or 18. Banking entitles you to free ATM anywhere, deposits at home (never have to wait in a drive-thru or in line at a bank again), paying your other accounts on the same home screen, and free overdraft protection from savings. Credit Cards are low interest, no annual fees, informational statements and/or graphs, and rewards from purchases and points earned through USAA's Mall Reward's. Loans have the best interest rates and incentives. I refinanced a car loan at half of the interest and was approved in minutes. When they say it will take about 5 minutes they are not joking. The greatest part about the process is I was NOT required to talk to anyone and everything was online - Not even a signature. They took care of the payoff on the loan and title work. The worst part about the transactions going so smooth with all of USAA's online services is you will not be able to talk to the BEST customer service in the country. Sometimes, I wish they would put me on hold longer than 20 seconds so I can gather my thoughts and information. They are the MOST POLITE people, who will not leave you stranded with a problem. They make you feel like its not "my problem" instead its "OUR PROBLEM" and we are going get that corrected. I can't say enough about USAA, they have made financial life so much easier. I have saved money on postage, fuel, and my time. I would say I LOVE this company. Loyal customer, B Johnson


I joined USAA last year and will always be a member. Customer service is the best. They are people persons. They talk to you like a friend. I have my car insurance, rental insurance, roadside. I have not tried the banking but with their excellent service with everything else I am sure that will be my next step. They will never disapoint me, they are awesome. Emma