I would like to know have any of you had surveys done over the phone regarding USAA ? I have had 2 surveys in 2 weeks one for a bodyshop they did not ask any info only on a scale of 1 to 10 would you recommend this company roughly 10 questions or so like that, I was told by the bodyshop i would be getting a call to do a survey from USAA,, I also had one did you use the USAA bank at blank address and again a survey 1/10 disatisfied and 10 being highly satisfied. Again they did not ask for any information from me they said they were USAA doing a survey on the services I had used. If any one can verify these surveys are above board I would appreciate it. Now I am nervous even though no personal info was exchanged. I would appreciate any info :)


USAA is very good about trying to have only the best services for their customers, so it doesn't surprise me when they call my house with surveys for body shops they've referred me to etc. If they were just asking questions about your experience without trying to phish for personal information, I'd say they were just doing what they usually do: Make life easier for their customers.
I have been a USAA customer for over 20 years and have never been asked to take a phone survey. I would be careful.

I have so much to say about USAA being the best.  I have been with them for a little over a year and if any problem occurs which it has, immediately they go out of the way to help you.  If you make excessive purchases, you can be sure that they will notify you and go over each purchase that was made by the customer to verify that it was not fraudulent.  If it is fraudulent, then you can be certain that USAA will help you  deal with the problem. The outcome has been always positive to me.  Once I got a call from USAA and told me that they will issue a new debit card for me and blocked the card I was using to protect me for possible fraud on my account.  I was very appreciative on how they helped me.  Although there are some inconveniences of making a deposit because they are located in San Antonio, TX and there are no other branches anywhere.  Everything is taken care of using ATM's and UPS.  Even if that is the case, the customer service far outweighs the inconveniences. To me, USAA is far better than other banks and trust them wholeheartedly.  That is a *****+ rating for me.



I been with USAA for a few year. Recently I'v require their services on a claim and trying to setup an account transfer to in outside bank. I have to say, I have been Completely UNSATISFIED with USAA. I thought they were here to help their customers and make things easy but instead their process has been a complete INCONVENIENCE for me. I don't even want to use USAA for my Auto Ins. or Banking anymore !!!! >=(



We're sorry to hear that you feel this way and we want to look into your matter further.  I asked a claims specialist to follow up with you as soon as possible regarding your concerns with the claim.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, JustME254. Your feedback is important to us and I will be sharing it with the appropriate area for review. Thank you for your time and membership. -Meredith