Learning to use my USAA mobile app and reading member stories I'm surprised to see so much dissatisfaction in the way things are being handled for USAA members. as a former employee I'm surprised that USAA has not deleted these comments already but kudos to them for leaving it for others to see. I'm sad for those who are struggling financially and finding no recourse or assistance. My personal experience with USAA is one successfully filed auto insurance claim when my daughter hit someone's very large dog on the highway and when my brothers house caught on fire usaa successfully handled their claim through completion. Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed to serve our country. I pray that you find a way to meet your needs and that USAA finds a way to be a part of that. IJN Amen


Well said!

Thanks for your comment! As a former employee, you know we strive to provide excellent service to our members. Most of the time we meet the mark, but there are times when we fall short. When that happens, we need to know about it so we can take steps to correct it. We believe in complete transparency with our members, so we'll only remove posts if they violate our moderation guidelines.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us! It is our sincere hope that our team continues to take great care of you. We echo your thanks to the brave men and women who protect our great nation and are honored to serve them. 

Well said indeed Usaa has been nothing but wonderful been a member since 2007 and never really had a bad experience. They have helped us through wrecks to banking issues nothing but positive from them.

I have been a USAA member since 1976 and it's always been an honor and priviledge to do business with them.  In particular, I have been very impressed with the functionality of their website and very happy with the new functionality being added all the time. USAA exceeds by far the services and customer service of any other bank I have done business with or had family members do business with.  I have never encountered anything but remarkable politeness, respect and competency from their staff.  I'm not sure what the situations were in which other people on this community board experienced bad service, etc.  USAA and I have been through some tough times, too but they've always stuck with me and did everything possible to help me improve my finances as I matured from a teenager to the 50-something I am now.   I hope to continue my relationship with this strong, stable and current organization for the rest of my life.  With Best Regards, Scelfleah.

USAA is a top-notch bank to work with. Been with them since 1995 and have never been happier. Customer service has been impecable too.


I love using their mobil banking app too! Easy and convenient.