I also looked for a simple location on the web site where I could post a suggestion.--All I could find was this forum. 


I've been a member of USAA since the late 1960s, and have insured all my cars and houses with USAA through those years.  My three children and their families all use USAA as well.  My wife and I have over 40 years with USAA, minimal claims, and over $10,000 in our USAA Subscriber Savings" account.  

One of my great annoyances with USAA is the requirement to print out the "proof of insurance" form every six months.  Six month periods seem to come up faster and faster as I approach 70 years of age.  I believe that requiring a piece of paper in the glove compartment is now obsolete, but California still requires it.    


USAA used to send the form with the policy renewal, but I have opted for electronic communication to save on postage and paper, so I have to manually print it.   When we first started with USAA, the policies were good for a year.  Sometime later, USAA decided they didn't trust customers with a year policy and changed it to require renewal every six months.  

I would like to see USAA consider rewarding long-time customers by allowing us to go back to annual policies. Couldn't USAA grant that small privlege to customers longer than 30 years, or those that have more than $5,000 in subscriber savings?  Or no accident or claim for 10 years?  


Thank you 




It is nice to see a USAA Member whom has been with USAA for a long time.


Now as for your forum post. I do not think it is a "matter of trust" for USAA when it comes to the renewal period of insurance. The 6 Month period for auto insurance coverage (which I believe you are talking about) has been an "industry standard" for a long time.


That said, here is a quote from the USAA Auto Insurance FAQs which can be found here.




How often do I have to renew my auto insurance?


Auto policies generally provide coverage for six months; however, some provide coverage for up to a year. We will notify you when it is time to renew your policy or we’ll automatically renew it.




From the same FAQ I also found the answer to this question:




What coverage options does USAA auto insurance offer?


Coverage options vary by location.






1. Call USAA. Click here for directions on how to contact USAA.


2. Start e-mail conversation with USAA. Click here to start.


Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate you taking the time on a beautiful day to respond.


Yes, I have called USAA several times over the past 40 years -- I doubt I would be able to talk to a decison-maker for a suggestion like this.  I would expect top management or the board would need to think about it. 

I do appreciate that link to allow me to email --I see they do have a "suggestion" pull down, which I will try to use and see what happens.  The web site has a lot of information, and I somehow missed that link. 


Yes, USAA changed to 6 month terms for auto policies many years ago -- possibly in late 70s or early 80s?  Do you know why they did it?  It wouldn't be to spread out the premium -- they already do that.  The only reason I can think of is that they want to be able to either have the option of cancelling a policy at the end of 6 months and not wait a year, or they want to be able to raise rates every six months.  Neither of those resons seem necessary for long-term policy holders in good standing.  Their home insurance continues to be annual.


All of our policies have always been automatically updated every six months for cars, and annually for our home.  Premiums are paid automatically too, so it doesn't require much administrivia on my part.  Now that document distribution is all electronic, I don't even have to deal with opening the big envelopes with the policy, filing it and then later, shredding it.  The ONLY semi-annual activity required is printing out the proof of insurance card.  I'd like to make that easier too! 


I agree with you Steve.   It seems like USAA has gradually made it more & more of a hassle to maintain memmbership.  The simple privilege of issuing 1-year policies to long term members, with low claims records, and sizeable subsciber savings accounts would lower their administrative overhead, and be a nice goodwill gesture to us long term members.

(51 year member)

6-month coverage period is industry standard? 


Horse-feathers!  My current auto insurer (not USAA) routinely issues 1-year policies.  This has to be a corporate policy. 


And when I say "corporate" I mean as distinct from the "Association" with which we grew up.  There are still many good things that USAA offers, but this is no longer the membership-based Association that I signed on to 30+ years ago.

Hi Steve,

Thank you for posting your suggestion. We trust our members and appreciate opportunities to hear your ideas. USAA’s decision to offer six-month automobile policies was in response to inaccurate competitor premium comparisons that were made to our annual premium. Since then, we have found that six-month policies allow us to introduce policy enhancements and additional discounts faster by not having to wait for an annual effective date. Six-month policies also minimize the magnitude of premium changes for our members. At this time, we do not anticipate offering automobile policies other than six-month terms. We value your input and will continue exploring the best options for the future.