a couple days ago I posted I was looking for the CEO contact information. I was told to contact USAA to see if they could resolve the issue of me not being able to make a deposit to my accounts for 6 months. I have numerous account with USAA 4 rentals, a boat,a ATV, a renters insurance policies, a MasterCard,checking and savings accounts with a good deal of money in them. I contacted USAA like I was asked and explained the situation again and told the rep if we can't resolve I would be looking to go back to Navy Federal Credit Union. Her comment was hate to see you go. So the success was I used Mobil deposit with Navy Federal and was done with checks deposited within 3 minutes. As of today I still do not have USAA CEO contact information and it is to bad that USAA has to loose a loyal customer over a small issue of not being able to deposit money into his own account. Poor service


Here ya go JJ02,

You won't be able to call him, nor will USAA's Customer Service Reps refer you up the food chain even to a supervisor.


Write the CEO. 


Maj. Gen. Josue Robles JR, USA (RET)

President/CEO USAA

9800 Fredericksburg Road

San Antonio, TX 78288

I have a sense that writing the General will only be a temporary "feel good" moment for you and will not result in any change. I've dealt with USAA customer service reps recently who listen and then say what they think you want to hear. I really think they've gotten too big to care. I say this as a 45 year member who remembers how it used to be when USAA did care about it's members and their problems.