Stuck with USAA...cleaned out the baggage

My first husband was career Air Force, and I married him right out of Tec School. However, my second husband's father was a Full Bird Colonal and a Judges Advocate at that...that's how I found USAA insurance. When my second husband and I split up, I was left with a 12 year old daughter, a new job, and lots of bills. I got a call from USAA telling me that if I would open a checking account and set up direct deposit, they would open a savings account and put $50 in to it. Not knowing if I would be able to pay rent waiting for my first paycheck from my new job, $50 was a lot of money. USAA is always there for me, and even though I work for a major bank, I won't move my money. My kids now have USAA and I will never leave them.
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