USAA's censoring practices are terrifying.  Worse, it's belief it's clients are stupid enough to fall for it.  For what it's worth USAA,  United Services Automobile Association uses the abbreviation  "USAA".  Why does your spell checker not recognize USAA?   It rejected my post, stating it couldn't post it until it was corrected.   What was incorrect?  Spell checker doesn't recognize USAA !!  It asked that I change it to USA or something else that helps, of course, USAA from responsibility.  So, go ahead and reject this too a I know you will.


Ah, I see you allowed the above post once it deleted all the details outlining changes in company practices that have become predatory.   More interesting is that this time when I censored out all the important details, your spell checker allowed the use of USAA and posting of an empty innocuous comment.  Please have someone contact me about your deteriorating service, predatory practices, and moreso why you'd want to destroy what was once one of the best companies in the world.   Your GI's need you now more than ever, and instead, you change your practices and use them for profit regardless of the cost.