Hello everyone,

My name is Abby and I am a 16 year member of USAA and will always stay with them. They have helped me through a divorce, with financial advice, insurance policies, and so much more. The latest issue I had was credit card related. Someone had stolen my credit card information and bought a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff all at once. The activity was something that was out of the ordinary with my history, so USAA tried to contact me. They were unsuccessful by phone but instead of giving up, they put a hold on my credit card. Eventually, they knew that I would attempt to use it and it would force me to contact them. I just so happen to check my statement online for another reason and saw the charges to my account. I called USAA and they took the report, cancelled my card, and didn't hold me accountable for the charges! I was freaking out and the customer service representative made me feel better just by listening and the way the representative talked. USAA made it very easy for me to go through the process of reporting the incident.


A happy customer :)


Abby, thanks so much for dropping by to share your story. I can only imagine how panicked you must have been when you discovered what happened! It's great to hear that our team took great care of you and stopped those fraudsters in their tracks. 

We also have been the victim of identity theft and USAA was on the ball alerting us while on vacation. This has happened twice this year with 2 different cards by 2 diferent banks. USAA and the other bank were great but we wish they would let us know whatever happened tot he crooks that tried to use the cards and if they ever prosecuted them or not. USAA has been there for over 10 years for us, just wish they would open up Florida again.