On January 13, 2014 I received a bill from the cable company stating that I was due a payment from last month and this month, when I decide to do a claim I discover that the check I send to make the payment was stolen and someone else cash it for their own benefit. I was frustrated, depress, difficult to describe all the emotions going thru me. When I call USAA to report it, Lauren very nice lady, help me and answer all my questions and provide me with new information. I am thankful for her, talking with her kind of calm me down. The offer to help me if that interrupt me financially with my payments. It felt good hearing what this bank is willing to do for you as member. Thanks Lauren AAAA :D 


Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us! Dealing with a situation like that has to be difficult, so I'm glad to hear that Lauren was able to make it easier. We truly appreciate your membership and are here for you if you need any additional assistance.