Recently, my wife's car was stolen from in front of our condo.  Woke up one morning to find her car gone.  No signs of breaking and entering.  Called tow company to see if it was towed.  No dice.  Reported car missing to local police.  This happened on a Friday night and when I called USAA, was given automated message that no one works on the weekends.  Filled a online claim report and was told my claim would be assigned and reviewed the following week by a USAA agent. 


Won't let me publish anymore of my story. All well. "C'est la vie",
Bottom Line: Very Unhappy with USAA response. Wish I had found the car and not got USAA involved at all.

We're so sorry to hear about you situation. Have you received an update on your claim? If not, please let us know and we'll get you in touch with someone who can help.

General Robles;  are you listening?