Two weeks ago my wife’s Chevy Venture would not start. We called Roadside assistance and were given an ETA of 45-60 minutes. We were dispatched a guy with jumper cables. After several unsuccessful attempts to jump the van we were told we would have to call again and request a tow. Another 45-60 minute ETA. The flatbed truck arrived hooked up our van and carried it to our repair shop. In the shop our mechanic found right front differential boot damage and gas tank leaking due to improper towing. Oh and a bad starter was the cause for the tow. We are still without our van or a rental car as we cannot get Agero IMT to approve our claim. We cannot even get assigned a case worker. Many phone calls and nothing has been done. Very disappointed with USAA as I thought since I was being sold the product through them they would be supportive. Yet they just keep referring me to Agero IMT.  I do know once this is resolved we will be returning to AAA.


This mishap is very unfortunate, but remember that these tows are with third party companies. Yes, USAA should ensure they are using high-rated professionals that mirror their own values; however, we cannot put all the blame on USAA. There are many avenues to contact USAA in the event there is a delay in them contacting you. Just stay patient and stay positive.
Exactly, they use third party businesses as did my old car insurance company, cost me 2 lugs on one wheel of my truck. Better off with AAA.
That is the problem with USAA outsourcing....terrible service!!! These third party vendors are not being monitored by USAA!! I expect USAA to to be responsible for them and there seems to be no accountability. It's a shame.