I called about a credit card issue and and was on hold for a while so hung up the phone and called back again a few minutes later. I was again on hold for 16+ minutes! Is there a lunch break time that the customers should know about not to call at? The rep on the other line just stayed silent when I mentioned about the long wait and sounded annoyed.


Watch out, they did that to me and they actually had me on hold with mute so they could hear everything I said to my husband. Which wasn't very nice since they had just messed up my auto loan! The agent came back on and commented that she didn't like what I was saying. Um, invasion of privacy much?
Is that right? So USAA customers should now be on their toes regarding their privacy when on-hold with USAA reps? I hate to think that the USAA reps are listening to conversations that they have no permission to listen to. Did you escalate this concern to the supervisor or manager?
Yup, I told two managers. And when I called back today regarding the auto loan we were working on when it happened e agent who I "told on" put false notes in my file so my loan check was never sent and I am now further delayed in getting my vehicle! She did it twice, she also left me on hold for twenty minutes at one point so I called my husband again and told him to call her extension and sure enough as soon as I did that she popped back on the line. Give away was hold music was super faint.
Wow! Our entire family, immediate and extended, uses USAA banking, insurance, investment, etc... So we deal and talk to them a lot. If what you're saying about listening to private conversation is a normal practice by the USAA representatives, I am very, very concerned!
I worked for a company that had phones that did this its not uncommon. Don't hate on USAA for this, you just need to be more careful about running your mouth when u think no one can hear you.
Speaking my mind in my own home on my own phone line is my right. I don't need to be careful about anything. If she's going to get upset by what someone says the. She shouldn't listen. That's her choice. I have a reasonable expectation of privacy and frankly it's her choice to lie about putting me on hold. It's her job to do what's right, to cause me harm because she didn't like what she heard is against usaa policy and also unprofessional. Customer service is like being an actor on stage, don't take it personally its a job. She has no right to listen in and get upset when she stated that I was on hold and she would rejoin the line in a few minutes.

You guys sound lucky. Almost everytime I call, even for a simple question, I am put on hold, then transferred to someone else, put on hold...this usually happens four or five times in one call. To get a simple thing done usually takes over an hour, everytime.

The problem is that they have added two million new members in the last two years. Their staff are now poorly trained and usually don't know what they are doing.

In the last year they have made errors on all four of my accounts. I'm disgusted.

Meanwhile, I am about to lose my home because of their mistakes. Beware!