During the Korean War my auto was licensed in Tennessee where the legal minimum requirement for Public Liability and Property Damage was $5,000/10,000. Upon returning in Dec 1951, I was assigned to Mitchel AFB, NY, and in 1952 my auto was involved in a no-fault accident. In New York the legal requirement for PL/PD insurance was $10,000/20,000 which I was unaware. Even after the accident, and in order to keep me from being in hot water with the State of NY, United Services Automobile Association (name back then) upped my PL/PD insurance to the NY legal requirement of $10,000/20,000.

Since my policy needed to be renewed within 1 and1/2 months the cost for the insurance upgrade was just a dollar and a few cents. Any wonder that Ihave been a member for 65 years?

USAA is the best and since 1948 its service to me and through 3 generations could have been no better.