My Ex- husband and I joined USAA in 1968. We have gone through many tough times, The Wars, TDY, The duty tours, Schools and you name it, USAA was always there and what a comfort they were in those times. We retired from the Air Force in 1998. All Military people know that being in the service that long makes you feel like you are in a life time family unit. A family thats scattered all over the world that you are connected to forever. That has always been a wonderful feeling of belonging and safety. Just like USAA... belonging and safety. Sadly, after all of that my husband and I didn't make it. But USAA has always been there for me in every way. Many things are different now. But having USAA in 1968 and they are still with me in 2012 is quite a legacy for me. They give me a feeling of protection like I used to feel when my family members were all together. USAA was the Greatest in 1968 and they are still going strong in 2012. There will never be a company like USAA. Summer