I read about expansion of the USAA membership criteria on a recent billing notice.  I thought there must be several newly-eligible former service personnel among the residents in our 800-member retirement community.  So I arranged for the following notice to be printed in our weekly bulletin distributed to all residents. I hope some of them read it and responded!




"USAA is a mutual insurance company with very attractive rates and annual distribution of all profits to members' accounts.  They also provide excellent customer service.  Once, membership was limited to commissioned officers of the US. Armed Forces.  But they have now extended membership eligibility to allmilitary personnel, retirees, and those who have previously served and been "honorably separated." Anyone now eligible can apply or check rates by calling 1-800-531-8722, or on line at usaa.com/join."


The President of our CCRC retirement community is familiar with USAA through his son, a retired USAF officer, and would love to be a member, but is ineligible because he never served himself, nor is he the son or grandson of someone who has.  What about extending your eligibility also to the parents and grandparentsof serving or retired members??




John B. Thompson, Senior Foreign Service Officer, Retired; Pompano Beach, FL


That is a very good idea.  USAA should consider parents of military personnel also.