This is the story of the do it yourself approach of an indifferent insurance company called USAA. Yes, I thought they would be great but have experienced the opposite. We had a flood, a month ago, and it flooded 85% of the house. This required the drywall of every interior wall to be cut up at least a foot. All furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors and some flooring require repair or replacement. It started with my first phone call. There was two inches of water covering the floors and USAA said they may not cover it due to it being a "long term leak." Long term? Leak? There was water running down the driveway in the front and out the back doors in the back.  It was thanks to the vigilance of a neighbor that  prompted the call for help. USAA gave me numbers of water mitigation companies and then later claimed they were not approved, so I had to pay and hope USAA would reimburse. Then I was moved to an adjuster named Gary and assigned a contractor 2.5 hours away. So far, I've had to find the floor guy, the furniture repair guy( a whole other run around story in itseld), research every affected piece of furniture and its value myself, find the wet spots and trouble the contractor missed, specifically ask for someone to clean the bed linens and clothing sitting in the flood waters, look for flooring samples and cabinetry without any assistance and I am exhausted. No, they never sent an adjuster, I even asked for one, I am still waiting for a response to my replacement cost information, and have yet to get a complete estimate on repairs. All that has been done is the drywll and paint. This has been an awful experience and it isn't over. Use another insurance company because USAA is not there when you need them.