I was a brand new 2nd Lieutenant in the Army in 1967 and bought a Datsun 1600 Roadster without a drivers License in Lawton, OK. The one smart thing I did that day was getting USAA to insure the car! This is my 43rd year (Love that Senior Bonus) with USAA and I have virtually all my insurance (home, life, car) with USAA, have finance cars, bought Jewelry , flowers etc. through the buying services! I have for years continually tried to get family members, friends and acquaintances to look at USAA for their insurance needs! Best Company in the World!! Bless you USAA!


I was a brand new 2LT in July, 1968. Upon getting my bars I immediately signed up for USAA. Since then all my insurance and finance needs have been dilligently managed by USAA. Next to the company I worked for for 29 years IBM --- USAA by far is the 2nd best company in the world. No other company has the quality and competency of the USAA team I have dealt with over the years.