Smartest move I've made

Since I joined the military in 2005, through to moving to a new unit in September 2009 I was a BoA customer. After having several bad experiences with them, I decided it was time for a change, and one of my coworkers recommended USAA. So, I opened a checking and savings account. Upon moving into a new apartment, my car was broken into and items stolen from the vehicle. Not having enough coverage I decided to look into car insurance as well. USAA definitely offered the best coverage for the best value. It has already paid itself off too. I had a scratched up window from the elements and talked to a USAA rep and they set up an appointment to get it replaced. No questions. It may be a small thing, but having no issues with a company you do business with is a great feeling. They are always friendly and courteous and make sure they do everything in their power to assist their customers. I'm glad I found a bank/insurance company that puts the customer first.
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