I just became a USAA member with in the last hour or two.   My Police Department LT. (Retired Army 30+) spoke to me about becoming a USAA member.   He told me about all the greatest benefits to include retirement planning, life insurance, vehicle insurance and college pre-planning.  I read many positives regarding USAA.  However, what disturbs me is a great majority of negative comments that I have read.   Many negative comments come from individuals whom want to vent or simply members whom spoke with customer service and did not like what they heard.   After reading the negative comments posted online;  Heck, I don't know what to think or how to percieve what is going on with USAA.  I honorably served my country some time ago. Years ago; thick in the sand.    I just want to feel safe investing into a something that has my back.    



I have been a member for a couple years. In my opinion USAA is way above anyone else when it comes to the services I have used (banking and insurance). I have even been able to speak to a live person about banking issues at midnight (I was just trying to see when a call center opened). You have to take the complaints in stride. From what I have seen they tend to be people who didn't get the answer they wanted.
I have been a member for 5+ years. They are great. I haven't once had any issues with them. Mi husband had his identity stolen, USAA noticed abnormal activity on our account, called us and we were able to close the account and were reimbursed for all those false debits. You are in good hands.
Have been a USAA member for over 40 years. They do my banking, bill paying(free), car-home-life-rentals insurance. Credit card, debit and stock investment accounts. They have also saved me when my credit card number was used several states away. Only problem I have had is on an auto accident, and no one gets along with adjusters. Love USAA.

If you have rental reimbursement and rent a car from a company other than Enterprise expect to get screwed in the claims reimbursement process and plan on spending a lot of time as well.

Why would you rent from someone other than USAA's supplier, Enterprise, and have them direct bill USAA you ask?  Because you want the extra coverage provided free with most credit cards when you rent a car such as $0 deductibles.


But then try and get reimbursed from USAA for claims. A long process wherein they delay, call you a liar, lose your paperwork, attempt to get your repair shop to pay some of your reimbursement and leave you having to explain to your cc company the fight you are going through to get YOUR money. Ridiculous. USAA is a good buy on insurance, until you have to make a claim.

I have been a member of USAA for over 4 years now. I can't comment on any of their services beyond banking which is, imoho, a home run.
I've been a member for +7 years now and USAA has helped me through the good and bad times. Specially when furlough hit us, I wasn't able to make an insurance payment that month and they were understanding of the situation. I was able to pay the bill the next month and they did not consider it as a missed payment. No blemish onmy record. Love USAA.
I have years with them, they was really good but apparently they have to many customer now that they neglect the good service and the Representatives of Customer Service; and we deal day by they with then not with the owners. I have everything with them but are looking for another bank now.