I was in a bind and I needed a small loan for a couple of hundred dollars and usaa told me that the smallest I can borrow is 2500 dollars, that is too much money they need to decrease the amount a consumer can borrow from them and make easy pay back terms so that they can be paid back on time. "That's help!"


So why not take the $2500, utilize what you need, use the rest to "no penalty" lump sum pay them back..... So inside of 3 days you got the amount you actually needed, and credit score goes up a little for a larger account being paid in time.....

Seriously. I can understand you may be worried about handling the temptation of going into more debt, but be smart. I agree with Speed on this one. You can use this as a way to build your credit. Borrow the 2500 and use only what you need. Then pay back the other amount and you should be left with only what you wanted. Stop complaining. 

Every comment you leave, unless it's something you agree with, is ridiculously rude and uncalled for. Talk about getting off your high horse. ..

Rude? All I can say is that many people are very ignorant and complain about unecessary things. Most wait for a handout and don't educate themselves as to what it takes to become financially independent. Then they cry and point blame to others (aka USAA) for not reading the fine print or not understanding how NOT to let money control their lives. If others would spend half the time to actually read some financial books, educate themselves, or seek the correct advice as they do to complain, then maybe there would be less posts on here. I am more than gratetful to offer someone advice and teach someone the things I know. Everything I have left a comment on that you claim is rude, was due to some ignorant reason left by an individual. Take for example this post from above. Really? He's complaining because he wants a loan for something less. Well then go somewhere else or like I posted before, borrow the minimal, payback the rest you don't need, and voila you have what you need. My other ? to you is why change your name to sickofjj? Couldn't think of something more original? Grow up, handle your business, and stop complaining like everyone else. Rude? I don't think so. It may be annoying, but my responses are usually educated and factual.