I have been a USAA member for almost 35 years.  As a young impressionable 2LT, I found USAA to be an advocate.  Since then, I've witnessed, over time, a company, once dedicated the to the professional military officer "sell out".  


My most recent episode w/ USAA involved trying to deposit a check in excess of $5,000.00.  I am a small business owner, and typically receive invoice payments from my clients that exceed $5,000.00.  I tried to make a deposit via “deposit at mobile” today for a check exceeding $5,000.00 and was informed that I would have to take the check to the local UPS store for deposit.  


Keep in mind, I've been a member for almost 35 years, and I can't deposit a check in excess of $5,000.00, but I can take it to the local UPS and have a Sophomore in High Scholl make the transaction.  


So, the remedy is to open a small business account locally, which denies the membership the benefit of my deposits that enhance our collective ability to borrow against the memberships assets.  


I am disgusted w/ this corporation.  I will say, that all the people I speak are sympathetic to my frustrations.  Clearly, this corporate management appears to care less.  


Future business ownner, myself. God help them if I have to go elswhere.

If you have a daily balance of $10,000 or more for six months, you might be able to request a permanent increase to allow that amount to be deposited.

After 35 years with us, we're sorry to hear you feel that way. We understand the inconvenience this issue has caused you and would like to have a banking specialist research your situation. Hopefully, there are additional options we can explore. Please email your contact information to socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and "Bank Deposit Issue" in the subject line. We'll contact you soon to discuss.