Got home from diployment. i saw on t.v usaa got some intel it sounded great for me an family , NOT !! D.O.T Drop the ball on. me an had to wait . i ask u.s.a.a for help, and they tell me take my family to a soup kitchen ?? W.T.F ??


You got the wrong rep, probably a disgruntled employee. Try your call again. Either way I wish you all the best.

We're shocked to hear of your experience and apologize if we weren't able to provide assistance. We understand the unique challenges facing military families and strive to provide appropriate solution, so it's truly saddening to hear this wasn't the case. 


We'd like to take a closer look at your situation to determine what options are available to you. Would you be willing to give us another chance? If so, please provide your contact information using this link and we'll contact you soon. 

Slap? What? What are you asking? Pick a language to communicate in, please .