As a USAA member since I bought my car in Army helicopter school at Ft. Wolters, Texas, in1968, AND as a licensed financial consultant during my career years with American General, unsolicited phone calls from  either auto or home insurance venders were simply met with: "I'm insured with USAA. Unless you can beat their prices with a written quote, you are wasting both of our time."

  Responders always came back with: "Oh, you're with USAA? Well, .  .  .  thank you very much. Have a good day."



Dear wglenweeks,

This makes me smile! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your membership! :)

I've had the same experience with USAA and some other insurance providers myself.  Once they ask the golden question of who are you currently insured with, the answer is usually thank you and goodbye.


I insure three vehicles, a house, and have a mortgage with USAA, and so far USAA has been impecable in their dealings with me.  Their multicar discounts on top of their already lower rates save me $800 Dollars per year on vehicle insurance.


There's been some griping on this board about USAA recently and that's fair; however, I challenge those folks to find lower rates and better service with the big-monster-megabanks and the monster insurers and then get back to us here please.


A happy USAA customer since 1995!

Being satisfied with not having the worst service in the business should not substitute for striving to provide he best. USAA used to be unquestionably the best, but it has slipped in the last few years. How far is debatable, but slipped nonetheless. Too bad, really.