My USAA legacy is due to my father and mother, both veterans of WWII. My father was a second LT, CPT and Major in the 82nd airborne division and saw the first US action of WWII as a paratrooper participating in the invasion of Sicily in July 1943. Later, as an element of the glider invasion, he took part in the preliminary operation Neptune during the D-Day invasion of Normandy; again one on the first American forces to hit enemy territory just beyond the Normandy beachheads. He retired at Fort Bragg, NC in 1962 after also fighting in the Korean War. My mother was a Major, and Chief Nurse of the largest field station hospital in the UK. At the time of their marriage (Dec 19, 1942 at Camp Wood, MA), mom was a major and dad a brand-spanking new second lieutentent, after his recent graduation from OCS at Camp Wood, NC after serving several years as an enlisted soldier. I passed the legacy on to both of my daughters as a 23+ year veteran of the US Army Medical Corps, retiring as a Colonel on October 1, 2003.