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Lithium is an absolutely HORRIBLE forum platform.  No doubt the very worst of the worst of all forums I've seen in over 20 years on the web.  They completely ruined the succesful forums on two o0ther company communities I used to vist.  Both have become nearly impossible to use and many members have simply abandoneded them.


USAA should have their OWN forum software installed and maintained by their own employees on the own domain.


This layout is so disorganzied I can't even find a simple way to see all of my previous posts without regard to whichn section I posted in.  I have to hunt though each section and try to remember where I posted what.






@Inquiring_Inquisitor, we consider all member feedback when reviewing product and service enhancements. I will have your feedback submitted in regards to this. Thank you. ~Sarah 


Thanks for taking the time to share @Inquiring_Inquisitor.


Here is how to track your comments and posts (without searching)


Click on your community name, then "View Profile"
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Then click "View Full Profile"


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There, you will find a list of your posts chronologically.

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I hope this helps! Thanks again for sharing your feedback and I hope to see more posts from you in community.