1) About six months ago, I sold a position to make another purchase. The balance did not become available until the next day. Needless to say I waited until the next day to buy, but stock was already up 5%. (It was a S&P 500 company.) It happened to me one time before, where I had to phone in and try to put in a buy order. Phone broker quoted me the wrong price. (I have other platform I use for following market prices.)


2) They froze my regular checking account and a machine calls me where I had to listen to all the transaction (machine voice) and confirm that they were authorized. That was painful.


3) They froze my regular check card and doesn't even have the courtesy to call me or let me know. (Still frozen.)


4) USAA auto insurance is no longer cheaper than others. I have been with USAA for 6 years without a single issue and I am still paying the same premiums.


4) Last week, I needed some cash and tried to increase my debit card limit to $2000 per day for my asset management account. They wouldn't give it to me. Even after talking to them on the phone and verifying a million security questions for like 30 min. They set a fraud alert on my account. I was transferred back and forth and representative didn't know the difference between regular checking account and asset management account. After convincing them that I have other accounts beside a regular checking and I had to tell them to find it. And then they put me on hold only to tell me that they can't do it and transfer me only to get disconnected. Now tell me USAA, why should I continue to bank with you if I CAN'T ACCESS MY OWN MONEY.


I think USAA has changed and I am wondering if there is anybody with the similar issues.