Selling of my Mom's Property

Hello USAA Community:

Hello everyone.  This "Cracker Man" from NC.

Can anyone within the community offer me some advice relative to me 

attempting to sell my mother's house and the property where it sits?  I'm not

a realtor.  However, I would like to sell it myself, rather than hand over $10,000.

to $12,000. to move it for me.  I believe my credit union would do the admin.

part.  I can use a local lawyer to do the legal part.

Am I crazy or just procrasting?  

Please has anyone of you guys and gals attempted this challange and feat?

Please, let me hear from you.


Crackerman from NC  USA Ret.

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You may find that a title company can help you with offer and acceptacne contract forms and other advice. I have used them several times to sell my own property in Arizona. (It is possible that different state laws my make this not feasible.) I advertised in Zillow, and on Facebook and got good responses. Best of luck in your endeavors.