Second to None...!

May, 1992 I moved into my new 3br 2bth ½ acre custom home in Homestead, Florida. August 23, 1992 there’s a small CAT 1 hurricane headed towards south Florida. No big deal, a native Floridian, how bad could it be. Fill the bath tubs with water, batteries, food, we’ll get it cleaned up in no time.New boss from Tucson with his wife, son, and two (very large dogs) are in temp quarters in Key Largo. The come to my house. It is sturdy; concrete block, barrel tile roof, not a lot of big trees. We didn’t have time to board the windows or do a lot of other prep as we were evacuating aircraft all day. We did have numerous work vehicles so we parked them in front of all the windows. The rain came hard about 3:00am and by 5:20 we knew this wasn’t a CAT 1, it wasn’t going to be good. The wind started blowing water through the window panes. Very loud noises; we knew the structure was likely to come apart when sheetrock was being pulled off the walls. 5:55am everything went calm; not a sound! We walked into the front yard and saw a truck that had been parked at the rear of the house now in the front yard. The across the street neighbors propane tank shot like a missile into my garage door and collapsed the rear hatch on my Ford Explorer. The elderly lady across the street had a heart attack. Rain started again and round two was even more violent culminating with the pick-up truck in my front yard being blown through my front double french doors. 6:45am, we go back outside. The sight was unbelievable and indescribable. Trees, power lines, identifiable land marks, all gone! The following days were spent setting up a command post in my back yard to include two UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters operating day and night. One day while driving on Homestead Air Force Base, I notice a trailer that had very large USAA banner on the side. I thought, can’t get involved in that lengthy process. But I reconsidered, went in and couldn’t believe my eyes. Totally organized! Last name Norton, go see him. I tell the guy my address and he asks “how much money will it take to get you going and take care of your immediate needs?” No need for money, I don’t have anything to buy or any place to buy it, he insists I take a $10,000 check. Adjuster comes from Texas; a consummate professional. “This will cover most of your repairs but there are a lot of areas I can’t inspect. Hire a Contractor and we will file supplemental claims until EVERYTHING is RIGHT. Find a house to rent and we’ll take care of all your expenses.I could go on and on but suffice it to say, USAA took care of me like I was their family; they genuinely wanted me to be worry free. My family now has every aspect of our personal finances with USAA. Retirement account, brokerage accounts, savings accounts, Visa card, life insurance, daughters 529 plan, home and car insurance. You really have to experience the USSA service to appreciate their dedication, professionalism, and competence. Tom Norton
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